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As a company we have been providing silo solutions for over 30 years. We have grown through our reputation for quality innovative products providing value for money.
General Information about our Silos:
The Materials used in our Silos are: 1.6mm gauge British Galvanised Steel
Stainless Steel Bolts and Washers
Meal Level Indicator windows
Drip rails
Heavy-duty legs
Inspection Hatch
Health & Safety Labels
Advantages of the Silo: Saves money on bulk buying
Compact and space saving
All Vermin proof
No loss
Strong Hygienic and very long lasting
Convenient and adaptable for Feeder Wagon, Meal Bags etc
No man-handling or heavy lifting necessary
A sensible and economic investment for your enterprises.

Latest News Silos for the Storage of Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets are now being used extensively for the heating of both Domestic and Commercial properties such as Hospitals, hotels, leisure centres etc.

Recently, we have been requested, and have supplied, Silos for Wood Pellets and these, no doubt, will be something that will prove to be a popular product of the future due to the Environment Friendly status and also the cheap heating costs involved.

Our Range of SilosClick on any of the photographs to see a larger image
Galvanised 1.5 Tonne Tote Bins.

Tote bins are a smaller version of Silos in that they are able to be transported by fork lift trucks or other vehicles from where the meal is mixed at the farmer's own mill/site and then taken to where the feed can be discharged by Flexi Auger or drawn off by trolley or other means. These bins have a top opening hatch which can be operated from the ground. Materials used are similar to that of the large Meal Silo.

1 X 3.5 Tonne Silo.

Standing here, we have our 'baby' bin - the smallest of all.

Storing approximately 3.5 tonnes, many of the part-time or smaller farmers would find this Silo 'a must'. It holds ample feed for their stock and cost is kept to a minimum. It keeps their foodstuffs clean and dry, away from vermin and is very easily operated manually.

1 X 8 Tonne Gravity Flow Side-Discharge Silo..

Looking at the Silo here, you can see that it is being used to discharge feed into a shed. Using this particular method, feed can also be filled directly into a loader bucket from the side-discharge.

1 X 8 Tonne Fully Enclosed Silo..

As you can see, this Silo is enclosed totally to the ground. It can serve a number of purposes in that it gives protection to the user as he operates manually, either using a Meal Trolley, or bagging-off system.

The door is wide enough to allow a meal trolley to be filled inside and also has room to manoeuvre same. It can serve as a small store which many farmers take advantage of.

6 - 1 X 10 Tonne Split Silo

A 'Split' Silo is one which allows the storage of 2 different feeds in the one silo. It is manufactured the same as the other Silos, the only difference being the division in the centre. A Gravity Flow Side Discharge can be operated with this Silo.

By using this particular silo, the farmer has the advantage of having to purchase only one Silo instead of two separate ones, thereby reducing costs and space. It is very suitable in regard to Mixed Farming. Even on the smallest of farms, where the farmer may not wish to store a large quantity of foodstuffs or is not able to purchase large tonnages of feed, this Silo provides an answer to both problems.

1 X 22 Tonne Split Silo

This Silo would be similar to our 10 Tonne Silo only in a bigger size. It enables the storage of 2 different feeds and many farmers favour this, especially in the mixed farming situation.

You will see here that this 22 Tonne Split Silo has been fitted with 2 separate Flexi Auger systems allowing the feeds to go to different locations.

With this Silo in the right location, it can remove a lot of manual labour and save the farmer a lot of time and energy at feeding times.

1 X 32 Tonne Silo

We have here in our view, one of our larger Silos. This particular one has been erected on to a Gantry so that it can be used with a Diet Feeder. The Diet Feeder can be located underneath the Silo Opening enabling the Feed to flow into Feeder and then taken to the feeding site.

With large numbers of animals to feed etc. and with the greater use of machinery, this system enables farmers to feed with very little manual help or physical activity. Control is from ground level and the feed is kept dry and clean with no wastage. This system is a very popular one with many of our farmers.

2 x 32 Tonne Silos.

These Silos are also to be found on a poultry farm, shown here with the fill pipes coming over the roof.

The silos are fitted with slow curving bends on the fill pipes so eliminating wear of fill pipes and avoiding any damage to feed when bin is being filled. This type of filling system is very suitable for sites in restricted areas.

6 x 32 tonne Silos on a Chicken Broiler farm.

Shown here is a picture of pairs of Silos erected on a poultry unit. These Silos are erected in pairs and each pair is in tandem with a flexi Auger system.

These silos are found on many Poultry unit and are mostly for a Starter and Finisher course of feed for the chickens.

Galvanised Meal Silo with a colour coated finish.

This Silo may be classed as 'our latest edition' to our Silo range.

It is manufactured in the same way and is of the same standard as any of our galvanised Silos. The only difference is that it comes with a colour coated finish. Again, this Silo is available in any size from 3.5 tonnes up to 32 tonne and all other qualities and specifications that our Galvanised Silos have.

Colour available for the finished product are grey or green. Some farmers would favour this product as it would be viewed on as 'environmentally friendly' and again, it may prove to be the product of the future.

Galvanised Meal Trolley

We also produce meal trollies, finding that the curved sides allow a bucket to be filled with ease. They are available with or without a hinged lid


We hold the delivery and erection of our Silos as a very important aspect of our business. It is our policy to ensure that the Silos are delivered and erected to the highest standard of specification and safety and that all Staff are trained and skilled in this particular area of work.

Transport is seen here and this vehicle has been modified and specially designed for the delivery and erection of Silos and used only by a skilled and experienced operator.